Dealing with Unity versions

I recently got a MacBook Air to serve as a mobile-friendly companion to my iMac and it got me thinking about how to deal with Unity installs. I had primarily been working on a single machine without any team members to worry about. Therefore my one machine, and the Unity versions on it, were all … Continued

Copying Markdown text from Visual Studio Code

Scenario You’re trying to copy Markdown out of a .md document in VS Code and the results aren’t as you’d expect when you go to paste elsewhere. I was trying to paste into Notion and most of the formatting wasn’t honored. Bizarre. The Fix Turns out VS Code is trying to be overly helpful and … Continued

I cancelled my Hey email accounts

Yesterday I cancelled two @heyhey email accounts. It’s really hard to figure out what the two fellas at the top were thinking by implementing their new company policy on political/social discussions. It’s especially bizarre given the outspoken nature of both the founders. Unfortunately, it’s becoming apparent today that Rails is going to be an innocent … Continued


This was definitely the most overnight snow we’ve received since moving back to the northwest. We got enough that I broke out my old Armada JJs and made a few turns down the hill in front of our house. And this storm didn’t take out a tree in the front yard. Success!

Please Vote

Are you registered to vote? We all need to do our part so we can get things turned around. Black lives matter. Masks work. Taking foreign aid to win an election is wrong. Walls don’t work. If we don’t get out there and vote in the coming weeks there might not be a “next time”. … Continued

Pleased with WordPress and DreamHost

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid or getting any referral kickbacks from DreamHost. This is just an honest review. Backstory COVID has forced us all to make changes in our lives and I’m no exception. For a year I’d planned to start building my video game in September when our daughter started school. Welp, that’s not … Continued

Quarantine shed project

Being stuck in our homes has resulted in less time in front of the computer and more time tinkering around the house. I can’t say I saw a global pandemic coming, but a year ago I started rebuilding a section of our yard in preparation for a shed. I guess now is as good a … Continued

How to change your project name in Unity Hub

Here’s a little idea if you’ve ever been bothered by the inability to change your project name in Unity Hub. Let’s say your project uses a directory structure that looks like the following: Now if you’ve got 10 games using a similar structure, then you’ll likely see 10 projects with the name “Unity” in Unity … Continued

Adding custom brushes to Zbrush

If you’ve created or downloaded some 3D Sculpting Brushes for use in ZBrush you’ll probably want to have them available to you each time you launch the application. Importing them one by one each time would be ridiculous. If you’re on a Mac you’ll want to copy those .ZBP brush files to: Macintosh HD/Applications/ZBrush/ZStartup/BrushPresets Do … Continued

Wacom tablet setup tip

I’ve got a tip for all you folks just setting up a Wacom tablet for the first time. It’s not going to take you long to figure out that scrolling is weird or cumbersome. We do a lot of scrolling on computers so having a poor experience is no good. Depending on your tablet you may have … Continued